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The internet project / / has been extended with a number of new texts, photographs and audio recordings. New French and German translations of the website have also been included.

In the part commemorating Jan Palach´s life, there are new texts on the meaning of his act, chronology and the trial, in which Palach´s mother Libuše, writers Vladimír Škutina and Pavel Kohout, student leader Lubomír Holeček, sportsman Emil Zátopek and chess player Luděk Pachman sued MP Vilém Nový for disinformation about so-called cold fire. This chapter also includes an audio recording of Vilém Nový´s speech at a meeting in Česká Lípa on 20 February 1969 where he delivered these dishonouring allegations.

In the section concerning the memorial places connected with Jan Palach, new chapters on the University of Economics a place of death were added.

In the part dealing with other people who had decided for the same radical form of protest as Jan Palach did , there are new life stories of Norman Morrison, Vasyl Makuch, Josef Hlavatý, Mohamed Bouazizi and Rigzin Phuntsog.

There are also new archives of historical photographs, archives of documentaries and also a radio documentary Going to Rome for Jan Palach.


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